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Nisimazine @KVIFF – Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2017

Nisimazine sends its love from KVIFF 2017, taking place June 30th-July 8th, and shares an opportunity to take a closer look at the selection of as glamorous as ever Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. Casey Affleck as C. Photo Credit: Bret

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Czech Republic – InVitr0

InVitr0 is a European network of 10 production houses (cz – Sirena Film, Nomad Film, de – The Talent Incubator UG, dk – Oskar Films , gr – Argonaut Films SA, nl – Volya Films, fr – Vendetta Films, ru

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Czech Republic – Kino Praha

Kino Praha, o. s. is a non-profit organization (civil society), established in 2011 by Czech young independent filmmakers, people interested in filmmaking, cinema education and film festivals organization. Kino Praha is part of world-wide independent network „Kino“ based in Montreal,

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